Product & Project Manager

What I Do

I manage software products from timeline and big picture planning to day to day development, QA, and delivery.  There's nothing I'd rather be doing. I'm wildly passionate about delivering word class software solutions with a focus on simplicity, utility, and the best possible user experience. 

Product Philosophy 

Products are created to be consumed. By people. There's always a person on the other end of your product. Waiting. Judging. Never forget that person. 

Know Your Users

Never Over Promise or Under Deliver

Understand The Problem


Know Your Market

Solve One Problem At A Time

Don't Create New Problems

Skill Set

I do these things well.

Market Research

Agile Product Management

Balancing UX With Business Requirements

Software Deployment Strategy

Feature Management

Product Timeline Development

Agile Development Management

Testing & Pilot Program Creation

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